Finding Neverland The Musical Pittsburgh Tickets

“Beautiful and wondrous! It’s pure bliss!” quoted the Huffinton Post for Finding Neverland, The Musical. This Broadway is all capable to give an adrenaline rush to the audience. This thrilling fantasy will take your breath away.

Based on Johnny Depp’s Oscar- winning movie, this Broadway musical has managed to impress the audience and critics alike. The story revolves around author J.M. Berrie along with a family of five; Sylivia and her 4 boys. After a long series of flops, the Scottish author J.M. Berrie met Llewelyn family and his life changed forever. The fancies, adventures and imaginations of the little children became and inspiration of his work. After become close to the Llewelyn family and burrowing inspiration from the children’s fantasies and incorporating them into his new play, J.M. Berrie finally tasted immense success. He went on breaking all his success records.

The incorporation of a real life story and a fantasy is phenomenal. The musical score is something that deserves a special mention here. The score is given by British singer Gary Barlow and Eliot Kennedy, the Grammy- winning songwriter. The pop number is super amazing. The chirpy and bubbly pop number makes every one step up and dance to the beats. The beautiful story and the melodious music score makes this musical a must watch.

People have loved this Broadway and after tasting immense success, the Broadway will now woo Pittsburgh. From October 18th, 2016 to October 23rd, 2016, the Pittsburgh Benedum Center will showcase Finding Neverland, the Musical. The tickets for this musical can be booked from online websites. So, book the tickets now and head to 803 Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh PA 15222 to enthrall your senses with this adventure fantasy.

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