Elton John and Tim Rice’s Aida Pittsburgh Tickets

This enthralling Egyptian drama is a treat to watch. Based on ancient Egypt, this drama has got a musical makeover to convert it into a musical. The drama incorporates music from Elton John’s and Tim Rice’s Grammy Award winning number and presents the drama with a whole new feel and energy.

The basic ground of the musical is a love story that is flawlessly preceding and involving the audience more and more as it reaches to the end. The story revolves around the protagonist Aida, an Ethopian princess enslaved by the Pharoah. She works as a slave to Amneris, the Pharoah’s daughter. Both of them have love feelings for Radames, a herculean and heroic guard. The musical showcases the feeling of hatred, anger and love.

The story is all about love, envy, enslavement and freedom. The story will keep your eyes groped to the stage till the end. The music is phenomenal. It is a true entertainer and no single moment would be dull. The show has already been a massive hit among the viewers and now is ready to win hearts of the crowd in Pittsburgh.

This entertaining musical will be showcased at the Pittsburgh Benedum Center, 803 Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh PA 15222. The first show will be staged on 26th July 2016 and will run for 5 days. The last show would be on 31st July, 2016. You can get then tickets of this engrossing musical from internet. You can get the tickets on discount online.

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